There are days you wonder what the hell you are doing. What the hell does it all mean? What the hell are you working for? What the hell are you missing? What the hell did you forget…about yourself, about someone else, about life?

Is being alone 1000 miles from home better than alone in your hometown?

Nothing you do is wrong. Everything leads to something. In the end, it’s where you are supposed to be when you are supposed to be. Choosing right from wrong means nothing. Everything leads somewhere.

How do you decide when everything is right? One way or another, life will turn out. Destiny is mobile…fluid. That’s the beauty and ugliness of life, isn’t it?


2 responses to “Wonderings

  1. Heya, I was doing a bit of digital cleanup and happened to wander by your old blogger site and then obviously on to here. Probably just a me thing, but it’s amusing to see that you’re in Chicago now. Personally, I’m still trying to figure out how to get out of here and back to Texas but that’s a ways off I suspect. Anyway, just thought I’d send out a virtual wave hello. 🙂

  2. Hey Sloe! As you will see in my post today…I am, in fact, moving back to Texas! Not necessarily willingly, but not entirely unhappily either! I am also trying my best to get back to writing on this thing, so stop by now and then. Hopefully, there will be new stuff here! 🙂

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