Dodge a Wrench, Man!

I am on a dodgeball team…that is certainly not something I ever thought I would say! My volleyball friends in Dallas would flip if they heard that! I used to rail against the dodgeball league that took over part of our sand every Spring. They brought in a weird crowd (which included women in heels…in the sand…) and they took over the best courts.

Needless to say, I enjoy it! Last night we played in the playoffs. We are the last team in the league. It’s not that we’re BAD, it’s just that we’re not so good…Anyway, our first game was against the second worst team in the league. If we won that, we moved on to play the number one team! Well, we won. It was hard fought, but we did it! We psyched ourselves up for our second game, and went in with high hopes.

Those hopes were not to be too terribly dashed! We didn’t win, but we nearly did! The rules for playoffs are the first to win 5 games wins. It was tied 3 to 3. We were down to just 4 people on each side, and we hit a girl on the other team. It hit her hand when she tried to block it. For whatever reason, it hit strangely, and the next thing we know, she flailing around on the court, one arm dangling awkwardly at her side. She’s yelping in such a way that we all thought she was overreacting. Then suddenly, she was able to speak enough to say more than “Ow! Oh my shoulder!” And she managed to yell that her shoulder had come out of the socket. She had dislocated her shoulder!!

Well, my dear readers, I would just like to say that the University of Texas produces some amazing people, because two of our players last night were doctors (we actually have three on the team!). One player is a sports medicine and pain therapy doctor…Can you believe the luck? So she had the girl lay on a bench, and after much calming and soothing, got her to relax her arm to hang below the bench. Then, pop! She put her shoulder back in its socket! Amazing! The girl was still in pain, but nothing like she had been. She could now wait until the next day to see a doctor. No need for an ambulance. It was really pretty awesome.

It was also quite a buzz kill! We started playing again, only to lose that game and the next. We may have lost, but it was a good loss. To do so well against the number one team is worthy of a little Journey, “Don’t Stop Believin'” Don’t you think?


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