60F, Movies and Boys

It was 60 degrees here in Chicago today! I rented a Zipcar for 3  hours, ran errands, and drove with the windows down. I miss that. Both the driving around, and the windows down.

I also opened the windows for the first time in what, 4 months?? Luka was ecstatic! He walked around meowing, and jumping up and down off the window sill. His meow sounded like “Oh my gosh! Thank you! It’s so nice out!…I’ve gotta go check out that other window…Don’t close this one!!” It was cute.

I also saw He’s Just Not That Into You with some some girlfriends last night. It was pretty cute! However, when I we were walking out, a girl behind me said, “I’ve got to get out of here and away from all these bitter single women!” Um, that sort of ticked me off! I MIGHT have flipped her off…It was still dark in the theater though, so I don’t think she saw. Too bad!!

I am sure a lot of girls recognized themselves or a guy they’ve dated in one of the characters. Mine was Justin Long’s character…The guy friend who is always giving advice but never noticing the girl he’s giving it to. He tells her that if a guy is interested, he will find ways and reasons to see and talk to her. His interest will be overt. He will call, he will see her. Which is exactly what he does, but in his head, he doesn’t think he likes her. She reads his “signs” and jumps him…literally. He pushes her away, thinking he doesn’t like her, and humiliating her.

Then, of course, he realized he loves her. He was so busy protecting himself, he didn’t realize he loved her.

Up to the point where he realizes he loves her is basically my exact relationship with a guy here in Chicago. I actually text him last night and told him to watch the movie. That he was just like Justin’s character. We’ll see if he does it…

Meanwhile, he has text me 3 times, IMed me, and commented on my Facebook profile pic since yesterday afternoon, and he is currently visiting family in Alabama…go figure…

Why can’t I find a guy who is interested in me as much as he is, and actually wants to date me??


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