On NOT Having a Car

Strange as it may seem, after just 2 months being carless, I am starting to feel like I can’t imagine spending the money on a car that I once did. How funny the speed with which I have adjusted! Dallas is a car city. Life is built around having one, and driving a nice one. But here, in a city where you only use your car for necessities, if at all, the status that was once needed no longer exists. Of course, it’s still here, but once people know what part of town you live in, the looks you get from driving a beater or not having a car at all disappear. It’s nice! I even briefly dated a Neurologist who drove a 10 year old Saturn, and I only though, oh, nice, he HAS a car!

And it turns out I am cheap. I thought I would take many more cabs, but that’s not the case. I really don’t take many at all. Maybe 2-4 rides each week, which is the same as before I sold my car. The cost of a cab seems to be $10 no matter where you are going in this city. There was a $1 fuel surcharge added to each ride recently, and boy, it seems to tip the scales just enough to make a big difference! Given my cheapness, and my lack of car and insurance payments, I now get to sock away a good chunk of change each month! Which I love! I can promise you, I will not get another car until it becomes absolutely necessary…let’s see if I am still saying that in January, but that’s the plan right now! 🙂

All I can wonder now is how could I have spent that kind of money here for so many months! Do you KNOW how much money I could have in the bank if I had sold it when I got here?? I shudder to think.


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