Just a Quick Hello!

I really need to get back to writing here. It’s funny how I am in such a cool city, yet I never write about it. There are so many great little moments, but I forget them before I have a chance to write about them.

An example:

Last night, while walking home from the train, it started to rain. I whipped out my yellow umbrella (which matched my Yellow Xterra, naturally) and continued on my way. Walking toward me was a 4 year old boy and his mother. He had long curly hair, and suddenly, he and his bouncing curls came running toward me, yelling “Stop, Stop, Don’t Move! Wait right there!” I stopped, and he ran under my umbrella, stood still with a large sigh, and said, looking up at the yellow canopy over top of him, “Whew! That’s better!”

He had run toward me because in his 4 year old, silly, faux panic, he saw the umbrella and wanted to get out of the rain. It was adorable! His mother and I chuckled, and then went on our ways.

That would never have happened if I was still living a car-centric life. I love those moments.

I will do my best to continue sharing them!


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