Blik is the Word

Remember my orange couch? I found something that goes with it! I was going to go back to Ikea and get the bland beige colored cover to make the couch work in my new apartment (that doesn’t come with gray carpet and gray trim) and just recover the couch in a more subtle shade…BUT, then I discovered my new favorite thing…Blik! Blik sells wall decals. But not just any old wall decal…These are removable, relatively inexpensive and based on amazing graphic designs, like Threadless T-Shirts! I found the one I want. I am thinking I might paint the wall behind my couch (a very large and very blank wall a nice beige, and then put this design on the wall. The decals come in pieces, so I think I will leave out the “love” talk bubble, but I love the birds!! Click on the pic to see more.

What do you think??


One response to “Blik is the Word

  1. you left texas?

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