On Notice!

I have had just about enough of Hillary Clinton. She is now saying, if Iran used nuclear weapons on Israel, she would “obliterate” Iran. Obliterate?? Isn’t that rather incendiary? I understand wanting to express you would retaliate, but using language like that is going to do nothing but upset the millions of Iranians that DON’T already hate us. If a country’s leader said something like that toward us, it would do nothing but upset people who had never before had negative feelings about the country saying it. It just makes no sense to speak like that. We do not need to incite any more Iranians than are already unhappy with us.

In similarly irritating language, she is also twisting virtually every one of Obama’s ideas in the hopes that people will only hear her speak. Unfortunately for her, usually, listening to Obama for just 5 or 10 minutes makes it clear how much she spins his words. It is just so disgusting to watch her tear apart her fellow Democrat with spin just to give her a chance to increase votes by 2 or 3% percent.

Hillary Clinton is ON NOTICE!


One response to “On Notice!

  1. That was stupid of her to say such a thing and infer the use of nukes in a “massive retaliation.” I am not happy with our (American) foreign policy, and this seems to be just an inflammatory comment to get attention.

    On a lighter note, it reminded me of my favorite flash cartoon….


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