To quote…

Hillary Clinton said this week, “I would not have stayed in that church under those circumstances.” Of course, this statement was made in regards to Obama staying in Rev. Wright’s church as long as he has given Wright’s comments.

This struck me as rather like the pot calling the kettle black. Her character should be in equal question for having stayed with Bill Clinton. Those issues seem to be a fairly good comparison. Yet, no one is noting this. It’s ridiculous to have brought it up to begin with, but now that it’s out there, I wish an Obama supporter would speak up and say, “So Clinton is telling us that she would have left such a church. Why didn’t she leave her husband when he had ‘sexual relations’ with an intern while she was in the White House? How can she see the fallacy of Obama’s ways without acknowledging the flaws in her own character?”

Just sayin’…


One response to “To quote…

  1. Not to defend Hillary, but there is a huge difference between being guided in faith by someone who preaches hate for 20 years and standing with your spouse after an episode of infidelity. Blowjobs do not equal hate; quite the contrary, in my opinion. =)

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