Full Contact Flag Football

I joined a flag football team!

The Texas Exes, my alumni association, puts together sports teams. I thought it would be fun, so I am playing coed flag football now! I am a Slot Back apparently. I really have no idea what that position is, but I am trying to follow the plays!

First of all, I was right. It is fun!

Second of all, here is a list of my injuries:

I was knocked off of my feet by a fellow teammate. That produced:

  • One mildly scraped knee,
  • One whiplashed neck,
  • One breath knocked out of me

A competitor from the other team kicked me in the thigh with his cleated shoe. That produced:

  • A whopper of a bruise on my left thigh

I caught a ball poorly. That produced:

  • One badly sprained right ring finger…

…And this is the winner injury! My finger is a lovely shade of purple! It is also very swollen. I am mildly proud of this injury. I showed it off at the office today, and the response from the guys was “WHOA! Dude. Are you sure it’s not broken??” The answer is yes, I am fairly sure it’s not broken, given I can mostly bend my finger…but it does look bad, and it does not feel good! I have had it taped for the last 24 hours, and I iced it yesterday, and have been taking Advil. I think that’s about all I can do.

I am also sort of proud of myself, considering I don’t think of myself as athletic, I think I played fairly well, and I was tough. I never stopped playing, even given all the hits I took. I think the reality is, I can handle a fair amount of pain. But I also love to have an injury to complain about! I don’t complain because I am a wimp, but more because I am proud I got hurt. Does that make sense? I know it’s a little strange, but something tells me some of you understand that… 🙂


One response to “Full Contact Flag Football

  1. I sprained my taint pretty bad last week. I’m not sure what color it is because it’s tough to get the right angle to look at it properly without a mirror or two. I should probably have it looked at by a Podiatrist.

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