Things I am Loving About Chicago…And Things I am Hating


  • I love walking to the train every morning
  • I love listening to my iPod all the way to work everyday and reading a book on the train
  • I love going out without needing to drive anywhere…cabs are my friend!
  • I love living 5 stories up. We had a thunderstorm two nights ago, and I swear thunder is louder up here!
  • I love that people equate a good bar with good food here “Wilde is a great bar!” “But how’s the food??”
  • I love Lake Shore Drive
  • I love the architecture


  • I hate that my El stop closed and I have to walk farther to the next El stop
  • I hate looking for a new apartment…It is the most ridiculously difficult task I have attempted in ages
  • I hate that it’s hard to wear heels here, for fear of walking long distances
  • I hate that my kitchen is currently the size of a postage stamp
  • I hate that I likely won’t find a new home as nice as my house in Dallas…For TWICE the cost, and with a roommate!
  • I hate that we might have snow this weekend…Although, it almost certainly won’t stick…I cannot wait for warm weather!

One response to “Things I am Loving About Chicago…And Things I am Hating

  1. I say give up the heels. Who needs em!?

    So glad to hear about your fun learning experiences in Chicago. I have a little news about a new city potential of our own. We’ll chat soon!

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