Great Book

I am currently reading the book, Dream When You’re Feeling Blue, by Elizabeth Berg. Can I please recommend this book to you?

Apparently, Elizabeth Berg has written 16 books. How have I not read anything she has written before? If her other work is anything close to as great as this, I have been seriously denied for some time.

Dream When You’re Feeling Blue is about three sisters living in Chicago during WWII. They write letters to their boyfriends, and to boys they meet at USO dances, and go about their daily lives with nearly every aspect of living impacted by the war. One sister joins the ranks of Rosie the Riveter, while one gets pregnant by her fiance while he is home on leave to bury his mother. But they just write and write and write.

Today, I reached a passage from the fiance where he describes D-Day to his fiance back at home. I was nearly crying on the train to work! The book in general is not a sad book. In fact, it makes me think of how I would have liked to live in that time, but that passage–the description of the young boys dead just moments after they hit the beach, or worse, drowning before they even made it to the beach because their gear was so heavy it pulled them under in the deeper water–that passage got me.

The story of the sisters is fascinating, but the way this country pulled together to fight a common, evil enemy is tremendous to read about (I have always loved WWII books). I just wish we had such a powerful common enemy and common goal. I would be so proud to support the war if we were in a situation like that again instead of the contentious war we find ourselves in.

If you have a chance, pick this book up. It is an easy read, and I think, a fascinating one.


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