Notable El Moments

Nearly every day, the moment that makes me take note of my surroundings happens while I’m on the El. Here is a short list of the notables lately:

A man standing next to me was making a crossword puzzle. Not filling it in…Making it. He had a notepad clearly designed for making crossword puzzles…

A man (possibly with a few screws loose) sang for us, and then backed out of the train at his stop, and bowed, saying “Thank you, Thank you…”

A man next to me on the morning train was oozing alcohol…apparently, he had had a lot of fun the previous night!

And finally…my El stop closed today for a year for repairs. I  went to my new stop, and it was swarming with CTA employees. And the weirdest thing…they they were all happy! There were probably 20 CTA employees, all of them smiling and bouncing around handling the extra traffic from the other stop closing…THAT was the weirdest thing I’ve seen!!

One response to “Notable El Moments

  1. Every time we go to DC we take the metro everywhere. There is definitely a story to get out of each and every ride… some are kinda scary!

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