I Didn’t Forget About You!

It’s been a while since I have last posted! Sorry about that! I am sure you waiting desperately, fingers tapping next to your laptop, waiting to hear about my first week and a half at work! So without further ado…

It was awesome! I was worried I would feel like I was in over my head, but I have to tell you, I absolutely don’t. I feel like I really have things to contribute to the company. My skills and education are just different enough, that I think they will be valuable. Within a week and a half, I have already be in 5 client meetings, visited a client with my boss, and my boss’ boss in a far away city (3 hours away…Wisconsin is snowy!), been told I am doing a great job several times, saved the day on a proposal for business with a very large client, and been told I am getting an account that the girl I am covering for doesn’t have.

Those last two are particularly important. I caught a BIG mistake, and brought it up just hours before the proposal was due to my boss, who was more than pleased with me.  Day saved!

Then, later that afternoon, I was told I will be in charge of a account that we are sort of trying to win back business from. Pressure much? That is very good for me, because, since I am temp to perm, anything that makes me more difficult to get rid of me means it will be more likely the job will go perm. So if I do a good job with it, I will have an important client on my side.

So, as far as first week’s go, I think I am pleased. It’s really nice to be back to a routine, too.

Hope things are looking up for you too!

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