Will.i.am “Yes We Can”

 Will.i.am from The Black Eyed Peas heard Barack Obama speak in New Hampshire, and had that same smack of inspiration that I did after South Carolina. His answer was to turn the speech into a music video. There are two things that impress me the most about this. The fact the speech is so lyrical it could, in fact, be sung, and that so many others are being inspired like am. (It looks like over a million people have already viewed the video on YouTube when you add up the multiple postings.)

My biggest fear at this point is that Barack won’t win the nomination, and this spirit of unity and inspiration and power will disappear. I am so proud at this moment to live here in a country that can STILL offer this kind of hope. I thought I had lost my love of this country forever. I was ashamed and embarrassed by our nation, but I feel as though Obama could change all of that. What a powerful feeling hope can be.

If you can, vote tomorrow. And remind others. What could you do tomorrow that would be more important than affecting your own future?

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