My First Zipper!

My first Zipper!, originally uploaded by tonguetyed.

Since my life is so boring right now…Freezing temps preventing good city exploration, and job searching taking up many hours a day, but only knowing a handful of people here to keep me occupied the rest of the time, I have decided to learn to do something better!

My choice of “something” is sewing! I have made in the past:

  • Curtains (made of sheer slippery fabric…never again!)
  • A Cookie Monster costume (tons of blue fur everywhere, but I love it!)
  • Basic single fabric pillows
  • A patchwork pillow

My teaching projects:

  • A make-up bag which taught me to put in a zipper (very satisfying!!)
  • A messenger bag style purse to teach me to put in pockets, a strap, and lining
  • A pillow with piping (if I can find the piping)
  • An “Envelope” pillow
  • A “window” pillow

Here is the first of my teaching projects! My make-up bag! It was really fun to make, and it actually looks nice enough to use!!

The inspiration for all of this is A) Mary Beth at SupaMB…she’s always making awesome things with that sewing machine of hers! and B) This book, called S.E.W. by Diana Rupp.

2 responses to “My First Zipper!

  1. it looks fabulous! A zippered pouch is actually on my list of things to make. Now you are inspiring me.

  2. You are so talented!

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