Yes, We Can!

Barach Obama just won South Carolina. He didn’t just squeak through, he WON. With 96% of precints reporting, he has won with 55% of the vote. Clinton is decidedly behind him with only 27%. What a win!

I am proud of him. I am proud that this country is starting to see what I (and many in his party) first saw in his speech at the Democratic National Convention in 2004. I just listened to his victory speech in South Carolina. It literally gave me chills. Goose bumps ran down my legs.

His vision of change gives me hope. It’s like buying a lottery ticket, and imagining what great things you could do with it if you were to win.  Granted, when you look at that ticket, you only see the wonderful things you could do with it, and you dismiss the negatives, but that clarity of hope is so exciting. It makes me think we COULD actually change things. We COULD actually fix our international image. We COULD actually bring people together.

I wonder if this is what it felt like to be alive during the time of Martin Luther King, Jr., or John F. Kennedy. Is this the sense of hope people had when they listened to MLK and JFK speak? The idea that Blacks would no longer be segregated? The idea that we could go to the moon within 10 years? These grand ideas would have seemed unlikely at the time, but yet hope was given to them and they were pushed forward toward completion.

If he does win, I know his presidency won’t be perfect. But the hope it gives me reminds me of the unity this country had in the days after 9-11. What if we could bring that back? What wonderful things could we do?


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