What Path Do You Cut

It seems life just never pauses does it? No matter what you do, something pops up that was unexpected. The day before yesterday, my grandmother had a mild stroke. It was mild enough that her speech has not been affected, but for the first 24 hours, she couldn’t move her right side. Now she can, but she is weak. Too weak to walk. She is back in the hospital and it looks like she will remain so for the next 10 days. When I spoke to her yesterday she apologized, “I swear I didn’t do this on purpose, honey.” The reason she said that is that she didn’t want me to know. She told my parents that I had enough to worry about in my own life, and I didn’t need to worry about her. She made them wait most of the first day before she let them tell me anything had happened. Well, she lost, because not only do I know about it now, but I am flying up there on Saturday to be with her, and help her out for a week. She asked me, “there is no way I can stop you from coming, is there?” My response was a simple, “no.” And she quipped, “I didn’t think so!”

This time however, she is not nearly as sick as she was 2 years ago.  And it is looking like she will be able to go home in 10 days. But there are still plenty of things to take care of for her. The first thing will be to get her a new refrigerator!

My grandmother’s freezer on her 30 year old refrigerator died in July. Yes, I said July. She didn’t tell us. And neither did her nurse’s aids. The refrigerator works, but not the freezer. Apparently, she decided it wasn’t that big of a problem. Well, once we learned of it, we started asking her to get it replaced, which was followed with rounds of “I was thinking of going to look today, but it’s raining, so it will have to wait.” Uh, huh. Sure. I even told her that if she got a new refrigerator, I would ship her a bunch of great food that I would cook for her and freeze. She really liked that idea, but still, no dice.

Now that she will be in the hospital, and out of the house, guess what she’s getting this week!  My cousin, Rob, my partner in crime in New York, is a professor. He isn’t going back to class for another week, so I have recruited him for part of the week. (Although, really, in case he reads this, he actually offered after about 2 seconds of conversation…he’s a good cousin that way.) So he will be attacking the refrigerator problem with me!

And here is a question for you.  The space for a refrigerator in her apartment is small. It’s a full-sized refrigerator, but the small ones. Anyone know if there is a place to get a small side-by-side refrigerator? Do they make them small? She is tiny–4’9″. It would be nice if she could reach the things in the freezer.

So off I go to New York, prepared for anything, but hoping for the best.


One response to “What Path Do You Cut

  1. Oh dear. Rachel, my friend, so sorry you have another trip to prevent you from any time of routine. Furthermore, sorry about Gma. She sounds like such a champion of a lady.

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