Recap For the Dems

My first thoughts are how much more fun the Democrats were. They seem like they have true respect for each other and have the ability to banter with some class.

  • I think Edwards won this debate. He was energetic and supportive of his own ideas, but also his opponents. Standing up for Obama was an interesting move. I think it further solidified the Obama and Edwards Change Chant. It made Hilary look whiny.
  • Hilary did quite well, but she doesn’t seem to get why she isn’t this year’s definition of Change. The change the country is looking for is someone who is separated from the Washington Machine. Obama’s fresh face is the obvious first choice, but Edwards’ avoidance of lobbyists and special interests does go a long way.
  • Obama did well. He seemed tired, but he deflected Hilary nicely. He shined when he said, “words CAN inspire.” Which truly is what he stands for. His words and his energy are inspiring people to believe that the government can change.
  • Richards is well resumed, but I have to say, he is boring. He had one zinger of the night, but his talk just seemed to fall flat. He would make a nice vice president.

Overall, I was happy to see the Democrats discussing so many issues. I felt like the Republicans spent too much time on Iraq and left out too much about the economy, and the environment. The Dems did a nice job of getting issues in. And when Charlie Gibson didn’t mention one that a candidate felt should be included, the candidates spoke up and added it in themselves. Initiative…the first step toward Change!

It was a nice night of debates. I am glad I took the time to watch. With the field narrowing, things are starting to get interesting. Good luck New Hampshire! Make us proud!

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