New Hampshire Debates

I am home on a Saturday night, watching the New Hampshire Debates. And I have to say, maybe I am getting old, but I am enjoying this. ABC is doing a back to back Republican and Democrat debate. Had I thought of it earlier, I would have live blogged this one, because it turned out the Republican debate was quite comment-able. Since I’m not live blogging, I will just give a few comments on the Republican debate for now.

Overall, I liked this debate format. The candidates were allowed to talk, and they were allowed to ask each other questions, and actually engage each other. Charlie Gibson did a very nice job.

  • Guiliani sounds like an idiot when he doesn’t completely understand an issue. He practically makes things up. And his only real point of view is that he is the champion of 9-11.
  • Huckabee sounds way to good when he doesn’t fully understand an issue. He is truly a good Bullshit Artist. He scares me.
  • Romney is interesting, but if he doesn’t like a question, he throws it back at the asker or asks another of his own. Avoidance. Don’t like that. He also got picked on a lot. The other candidates see him as a big threat.
  • McCain sounded pretty good tonight. He answered well, and when given the chance to compliment an opponent, he took it gracefully.
  • Thompson looked both bored and condescending. When he didn’t like what Ron Paul was saying, he visibly sneered, and made childish, condescending retorts, like a drawn out “ok”.
  • Ron Paul. While I think he has lost touch with what could actually work in this country, I really enjoy listening to him. He is very intelligent and really does understand what is going on under each issue with more clarity than the rest. His views are not as cut and dry as other Republicans, and I think it makes the others think he’s crazy, but when you really listen to him, he’s usually pretty right. However, he always seems like the little kid on the playground getting bullied by the Red-headed Afro Kid two grades up. (Yes, there actually was one at my school…)

Ok, time to watch the the Dems…I’ll be back with a report on them in a couple of hours. There are only 4 candidates left on the Democrat side, so this should be a different debate from the Republicans.

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