Home and Then Home Again

I am back in Chicago, and I have to say, very happy to be here.

In important news:

My house is about to lease!! This is terribly exciting because it means I will no longer be paying for two domiciles! All that’s left to do is actually have my things moved to storage, and have my new tenant actually sign the lease and move in. He is single and in his fifties, with a dog (a sheltie) and a cat. The dog’s name is Maicie and the cat’s name is Rag Doll. I think those are adorable pet names, so combine that with the fact that he loved that my house has a cat door to an enclosed area in the garage for the litter box, and I already like the guy! He also, and most importantly, has a house of his own that he is leasing out back home, so he understands the situation I am in. And that is rather comforting.

So there’s that, and then there’s a question my mother asked me. Yesterday, on the way to the airport, she asked me “now that you have been here for a week, what do you miss most about Dallas besides your friends and family?” Very good question. And it was one I could barely answer.  I came up with:

My house. Hands down, I miss my house.  (But on the flip side, I had told myself I would never live there longer than 3-5 years anyway, and I hit the 3 year mark just before I left.)

Nate’s Seafood. Nate’s is an awesome Cajun restaurant, and I really had no idea exactly how much I liked gumbo until I found Nate’s.

And that is where my mind started to go blank. Finally an hour later, I realized I miss the camping trips my friends and I would take, but the reality is that that would be over anyway, because part of what made it special was the camper my friends Allie and Josh had. And they moved to Colorado. So no more camper.

Beyond that, there is just the ease of getting groceries. That, I will miss. But really, is that a reason to stay in a city? Um, NO.

When you realize how few things you miss, you realize how right you were about the move. And even better, when you fly back to your new home, and literally let out a huge relaxing sigh, in the middle of O’Hare airport, because you are so glad to be back, well, then you really know what’s what!

It’s good to be home, Chicago!


4 responses to “Home and Then Home Again

  1. Josh and I feel exactly the same way! Except I miss Chuys and Ikea! Im sure you have an Ikea there though… we love our new home too 🙂

  2. It’s funny because there are so many things I miss about Austin. But Dallas? Nope. Chuy’s does make some fabu shrimp tacos, though…

  3. It is good when you have found a place that feels like home.

  4. Dallas… Whatev. 😉

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