Souper Bowl Baby!

Ever heard of Threadless T-Shirts? You should have by now. They create T-shirts. But not just any T-shirts. The designs change weekly and are created by awesome graphic designers. Until recently, they were strictly an online entity, and were quite a hit among the geekery. In September though, they decided to open up a retail space, and being from Chicago, decided that was the best city to start in. And guess what…they chose the exact corner I live on for their home base! The store is two parts. Downstairs is a traditional retail space, but upstairs is a gallery/classroom where artwork is displayed and graphic design, software, and photography classes are held.

The window display is various t-shirts, as you would expect, but instead of manikins, above each shirt is an inverted computer monitor with a snapshot of a face. I am not sure who the faces are, but I would guess they are designers and employees. The images change on a regular basis with the t-shirts, and at night, it looks pretty darn cool.

Well, the point of this post is that one of this week’s t-shirts absolutely rocks! This is the image on the shirt…I may very well have to buy this!

One response to “Souper Bowl Baby!

  1. We should check the store out when I come back if there’s time!

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