The fact that it was 30 degrees warmer in Dallas today doesn’t bother me.

That sunlight was fading today at 3:30pm does. Wow. I’ve been in the North in the winter. I’ve even been in The Netherlands in January, but I don’t remember it getting dark so early even there! It was completely dark at 5pm. In my mind, that doesn’t happen for another month or two…

But c’est la vie. Just something else I will have to adjust to. I manage to cook dinner in my tiny kitchen today, so if I can drive to Chicago alone, and cook in that kitchen, then I can do and tolerate anything!


3 responses to “Sunset

  1. Yeah, but it will be light outside until 10 PM next summer. 🙂

    Glad you’re settling in!

  2. yep, its dark by about 515 here too! weird huh? i feel like i get sooo much done at night though 🙂

  3. oh it does get dark here in holland at 5pm as well Rach. lol. short days coming up again. seasons just does something to someone dont u love it? 🙂 I couldnt live somewhere without the 4 seasons. enjoy them!

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