The Story

I just sent an email to all of my friends to tell them about my trip to Chicago, because I already typed it, I am going to use it for this post! Hope you don’t mind! I’ve added some pictures though! 🙂

I made it to Chicago!! I was supposed to leave on Monday with my mother as copilot, but Monday morning, she came down with stomach flu. And I don’t just mean an upset tummy, I mean she got so dehydrated, we had to call an ambulance because she was too weak to move. We spent the day in the ER, and once she was getting rehydrated (intravenously) and it was clear she would be ok, but wouldn’t be up to driving to Chicago, we decided I should just go ahead alone. So I set off at 4pm for Tulsa, as there was no way I would make it to St. Louis in one day, alone.

Can I just tell you, if I never drive through Oklahoma again, it will be too soon! That state has the world’s worst roads. Ever. Horrid! It was windy and most of the roads I took Monday night had no shoulders, and were unlit two or four lane highways. At one point, I knew I was supposed to take a soft left to stay on 75. I thought I was there, because, well, I saw a sign for 75. I took it. It became clear very quickly that something was wrong because it was a 2 lane, shoulderless road with NOTHING around for miles. It took several miles to find a place wide enough to turn around with the 12ft trailer. Once I did though, while I headed back to the right road, out of nowhere, a raccoon ran in front of me. I slammed on my brakes to not hit him and of course, the trailer wobbled and swerved. It was awful.

Eventually, I made it to Tulsa, but somewhere along the way poor Luka, who hadn’t been near a litter box all day because of the ER hoopla, couldn’t hold his little bladder anymore. He had a towel in his carrier, and he was smart enough to push the towel into the urine to absorb most of it, but he was still all wet, and there wasn’t a thing I could do about it until we got to Tulsa. So he and Brody (out of sympathy I suppose) cried the rest of the drive to Tulsa. Finally, at 10pm I made it to a crummy little Best Western. I snuck the cats in, and the first thing I did was to throw an unexpecting Luka into the bathtub, and turn the water on him. You should have heard the meow that came out next! lol He was PISSED!

But he survived, and the next day we left Tulsa, and headed to St. Louis. After the night I had had in Oklahoma, I wasn’t looking forward to the drive through Missouri, but once I got to the border (where I had to pay an $8 toll to get out of Oklahoma!!) the drive got better. Missouri is beautiful. Almost the entire drive was through rolling, tree covered hills. And as it is November, the trees were changing colors. It was really pretty. If you ever have the chance, it’s a great drive. St. Louis looked just as it did when I lived there, except bigger!

The next day, Wednesday, I headed out to Chicago. The drive to Chicago was rather boring and uneventful. Illinois is mostly flat farmland. I left at 7am Wednesday and made it to Chicago at 1pm. Just in time to meet the movers that would be unloading my trailer. But they were late. Of course. Meanwhile, there was no good place to leave my truck and trailer, so I left it in the alley behind my building with the flashers on. I was finally unloaded by 4:30 and just waited for the cable installer to get there, who was also late. Around that time, I decided to go downstairs to start my car so the battery didn’t die. I was too late! My car was dead. I wound up flagging down a neighbor driving through the alley, and luckily, she had jumper cables, but we couldn’t get the cap off of her battery. About that time, the cable guy called and said he was out front. I told him what was going on, and asked him if there was anyway he could bring his truck around back and give me a jump. He obliged, and we wound up using Stacia’s (the neighbor) jumpers and the cable guy’s battery! It was quite a scene!

Eventually, I had cable and a running car, and I returned the trailer. I cannot tell you how happy I was to get rid of that stupid trailer!

The good news is, since my eventful trip, not much else crazy has happened. I have spent the past few days unpacking and getting to know the neighborhood. It’s a great neighborhood! I live in Lakeview, which is just north of Lincoln Park and just a couple of miles north of downtown. Everything I need is within walking distance. There are great little restaurants, and tons of shopping. Everything from Bed Bath and Beyond, and Pet Smart to small boutiques and vintage clothing stores! (One of which has a pair of boots I keep eyeing… :o) )


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