The Sooner I Get Out of The Sooner State, The Better

Well, we didn’t leave at 8am as planned today. My mother came down with a nasty stomach bug. It was so bad, in fact, that after 6 hours of dehydrating herself from both ends, she told us she was too weak to even stand up, and asked us to call an ambulance. We took her to the E.R. and spent the day there. By 4pm, she was feeling well enough to talk to us and we decided I should go ahead with the trip without her.

So here I sit, on the King-sized bed of a Best Western in the Tulsa, OK with my two cats curled up beside me.

I hate Oklahoma. This was the worst drive I have EVER made. I didn’t leave until 4:30, so most of the drive was at night–driving at night is like asking me to stick needles in my eyes on a good day. Today, it was like a nightmare come to life. The roads in Oklahoma are not exactly high end. They are mostly narrow, shoulderless two or four lane highways, and when you are pulling a 6’x12′ U-Haul, at night, they require 10 and 2 driving constantly. Six hours of my hands at 10 and 2. At night. Misery! And did you know there are two highways named “75” in Oklahoma?? Well, I have now been on both of them! And on the wrong one, I almost hit a racoon that ran out in front of me which caused my trailer to wobble and scared me half to death.

I also had the pleasure of sniffing a whiff of ammonia about 2 hours from Tulsa. One of my cats, who had been in their carriers, and then in a bathroom, and then back in their carriers since 8am, had an accident. And apparently, it made both of them unhappy because they both meowed most of the remaining trip to Tulsa. There was nothing I could do, though. The cat that had had the accident needed a bath, and needed his carrier and the towel in his carrier washed. It had to wait.

Finally, I arrived at the hotel and discovered it was Luka who had the accident. His rump was damp and the towel in the carrier was soaked. He was smart enough though to push the towel to the back and pee on the towel. That absorbed most of the urine, so at least he wasn’t sitting in a wet pool.  I immediately took him to the bathroom, put him in the tub and turned the water on him. He had no idea what had hit him! How could I do such a thing! He let out a soulful moaning meow, and looked up at me with his pitiful wet body standing in the water. I rubbed him down with a towel and he seemed to realize what I had done, and looked a bit happier.

It’s been quite a day.  And I now have 2 more ahead of me.

Next stop, St. Louis!


3 responses to “The Sooner I Get Out of The Sooner State, The Better

  1. As someone who’s made that I-35 trek northward at least once a year for his entire life, let me just say this: I hear ya!

    It’s a pretty crappy drive. Kansas and Missouri aren’t that much better, but if you’re lucky you start to get some of the rolling hill/wheat field scenery that helps out a bit.

    Be safe out there, Ty!

  2. so glad youre updating! our trip to denver and the chaos that ensued had chase holding his poor bladder for about 30 hours! i cant believe he did it! cat pee is the worst, i was so thankful he was able to handle the pressure!

  3. also, i CANNOT believe you are doing this by yourself! you are one brave girl! good luck!

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