Smashing Pots

As is tradition, someone went around my parents’ neighborhood smashing pumpkins last night. No big deal. A little sad for the pumpkins, but it happens every year. This year though, they added a new element to their routine. They smashed my mother’s flower pots. She has had two flower pots sitting in front of the house for 10 years, and this morning when I pulled up to my parents’ house, both pots were smashed as though someone had lifted them over their head and then dropped each one. The plants were turned upside down, and there was soil and chips of terracotta everywhere.

Why would someone do that? That’s just rotten.  Not a great way to start the day out, I must say.


2 responses to “Smashing Pots

  1. My bad. Sorry I do not like pumpkins or potted plants. I am a jerk.

  2. little shits!
    They always smash stuff on my parents street also…
    One year they ripped up my dads little tree in a pot and he was fuming!

    Teenagers are awful, I am so glad I never was one 🙂

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