Leaving Chicago

I am currently sitting in the Fox Sports Sky Box restaurant and bar at O’Hare airport.  My flight, which was supposed to leave thirty minutes ago has been delayed. It is currently expected to leave at 6:30.

This is the first snag I have had all weekend, though! I had a lovely weekend, and even managed to find a postage stamp-sized apartment in a lovely building, in an adorable neighborhood. The building was a mansion owned by the Roosevelt family. It was later converted into a Finishing School for girls and finally, into apartments. The Roosevelt connection makes it a landmark building, which means it is very well maintained.  It’s a small, but I think it will be perfect!  The biggest problem is the kitchen. It is the smallest kitchen I have ever seen! I will definitely have to do some work. There is a flat wall opposite the one counter, and I think if I add a second and maybe third row of shelves, I MIGHT be able to use the kitchen. There is also a small tiled kitchenette area where I took the picture from, and I think I can get a butcher block table to add counter space.

The rest of the apartment is more viable though. The bedroom is fairly large, there is a lot of closet space, and there are tons of windows (newly replaced, too!) The carpet is also new. Oh, and the bathroom is completely redone (a rarity amongst the places I looked at). Here are some more pictures. I am envisioning a red (wall or two and accents) and black (accents) theme. I found out I am allowed to paint the walls! I think it could be striking and funky. What do you think?


Living Room


One of two entrances

And in other news, I had my big interview today! Don’t want to talk about it JUST yet. Keep your fingers cross just a little while longer!


4 responses to “Leaving Chicago

  1. I LOVE the apartment. True city living. Will this be the interim location or the real deal? Or both? What about looking for a furnished situation? Can you tell I am full of questions? Looking forward to nagging you about how the interview went.

  2. Wow!…you move fast! Let me know how the interview went! 🙂

  3. Love the apartment… so nice and cozy. You and your kitties will be very happy! There will be so many new places you will want to eat, you wont need to cook!

  4. Hey you.

    All I can say is that I’m incredibly proud of you that you are taking this step. 🙂 I will get back to you soon. I remember you talking about it, needing a move in life like this, years back when you were still in college.

    ps. does this mean my appartment is bigger than yours now? lol, well may be at least the kitchen is. jk!

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