Here I am!!

I’m still alive…I promise! It’s been a busy couple of months around here with the business problems we’ve been having. We actually moved all manufacturing to Mexico last week. Whew! What a week! I don’t recommend it. But it will let the company survive, and will probably be much more profitable.

In happier news, today is my birthday! I turn the big 2-8. I’m an old lady! 😉

In OTHER news, did I mention I am going to move? Yup! I am trying to find a job in Chicago. I decided that was the place to go! On Friday, I had a second interview for a potentially awesome job.  I can’t wait to get all of this moving and new job stuff underway. The sooner the better! I am really looking forward to the new challenge. If any of you have any Chicago connections that might help in a job search, don’t hesitate to let me know!


2 responses to “Here I am!!

  1. Happy Birthday, Ty! I hope you have a really really great day!

    And continued good luck on the Chicago thing. I really want you to move there so I can have someone to visit there! 😛

  2. Happy belated birthday!

    Good luck with Chicago…take a coat…or six. 🙂

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