Let’s say you worked with someone who refused to learn to use a computer properly, but needed to use it on a daily basis. Someone who was older than you, someone who has been in business for years. But they can’t seem to learn to “copy/paste”, let alone do more complicated tasks on a computer like burn a CD, or well, even double-click the mouse button properly. You have tried to teach them on several occasions, but with little success. You have suggested many times that they would benefit greatly from a computer basics class, but to no avail.

What would you do?

Now throw in the wrench that said co-worker was your mother. And throw in all the relationship nuances that that entails.

What would you do?

‘Cause oh my God, my mother is driving me batty. Seriously, batty. She refuses to take a computer class, and insists she is fine. She can do whatever she needs to. Problem is, she can’t. And when I leave this job, she is going to be in a serious spot. There will be no one to call into her office when she can’t figure out that she moved a file from one folder to another instead of copy/pasting it. There will be no one to burn CDs for her, or explain simple computer problems.

She is a smart woman. There is no reason for this ineptitude. If she would just take a class and let someone who is used to teaching basic computer skills teach her, she would be fine.

But until that day, she drives me batty with the computer!

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