Chicago: Fully Loaded

Great news may be on the horizon!! But there is still plenty of wood to be knocked on…

Trip to Chicago was AWESOME! I have a few pictures, but I need to do some editing before I put them up.

Things I did in Chicago:

  • Road the El in to work with my friend Amanda, and got to see her office and help her a little while I was there.
  • Had lunch at Pizzeria Due (pronounced Due-ay) (the most awesomely awesome Deep Dish pizza I’ve ever had).
  • Had dinner at Alinea which was the most interesting (and amazingly delicious!) dinner I have ever had.
  • Went Shopping on Michigan Avenue (and finally got to buy some Lush products!!)
  • Shopped at Amitage and Halstead in the awesome boutiques there (including Lill, where I MAY have created a purse for myself and then purchased said purse, which will be delivered in a few weeks…It will look pretty much like this:

  • Walked around downtown, went to Millennium Park, then to the lake to look at the sailboats.
  • Went to Taste of Lincoln which is a street festival in Lincoln Park (and rather a boozy event!).
  • Got a tour of the neighborhoods surrounding Lincoln Park (where Amanda lives).
  • Had a Chicago dog, fully loaded.
  • Walked to the lake (5 miles round trip!!) and laid out on the beach.
  • And finally, went to a tiny local Italian place that was absolutely delicious!

All of that was accomplished between Friday morning and Sunday night…So as you might guess, I was a bit tired when I got home last night! 🙂 Tired, but very content!


One response to “Chicago: Fully Loaded

  1. That’s how we always come home from our Chicago trips…tired, but very content!

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