My HP is Finally Here!

Harry Potter that is! I won’t ever buy a Hewlett Packard again!

So anyway, I had reserved a copy last week of HP at my local BN. I went to the BN Saturday, fully expecting lines, or crowds or SOMETHING. All I found though, was normal Saturday book traffic. That was slightly deflating. It didn’t escape my notice, however, that every single person in line to check out had a copy of HP. I also noticed they had more copies behind the counter on reserve than they did on the tables at the front of the store. I guess everyone did what I did. Or else, you’re waiting out the first rush. I am rather excited to have a First Edition of this last book, so I wasn’t going to wait around.

If you’ve never read a Harry Potter book, really you should. I don’t care if you are a big burly man, or a fantasy hating woman, you will like them. They are a wonderful departure, and J.K. Rowlings has created such a complete and detailed world that you truly feel like it could be real.

Get thee to a bookstore, and pick up a copy!


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