To Lead or Not to Lead

Like the new masthead?

Wanna know where that phrase came from? “Best described as commandant.”

So a week or so ago, I took a Myers-Briggs Personality test. I hadn’t taken one since high school. I bet you haven’t either. If you would like to, here’s a link to go take it. It takes about 10 minutes.

Soo…now for those of you who know me off of this blog, this should come as no surprise…I fell into the ENTJ category. ENTJ is a rather tough personality…We are leaders, and we see things in a very analytical way. Don’t try to tell me your feelings about something, give me the facts as to why you want it to be so. THAT I will understand.  Argue with me. If you stick up to me, I will respect you. I don’t see it as a fight, I see it as two people learning something from each other. (But use facts. Don’t get mean. I still get sensitive when people get mean.) If you can hold your own with me in a debate, we will be fast friends. Oh and did I mention the leading?? Apparently, I can’t NOT lead. I don’t know how. I am drawn to it, and I will take over given the opportunity. Enter, the field marshal. The commandant.

It’s not really what I would prefer my personality to be, when put in that context, but apparently, it is a great place to be if you want to be successful. Many CEOs and other high powered leaders are ENTJ.

I am trying to use that information in the positive, and let it guide me in my search for a job. I need a position where I can lead. Middle Management, here I come…

4 responses to “To Lead or Not to Lead

  1. I took the test and got IXTP (the X is for halfway between the two options). After reading both, I think the INTP fits better. Most of the info I kinda knew about myself anyway. Weird how a test like this can figure these things out…You may be surprised about the I, I was a really quiet kid. Its taken years for me to “come out of my shell” and even now takes alot of effort. Thanks for the link…

  2. My cousin is alive! 🙂 I need to give you a call. Yeah, the “I” does surprise me to an extent. I bet you were close to the middle on that one too, though.

  3. I am an INTJ or an INFP depending on what day I take that test! So, we’d be kind of complementary, maybe. I don’t mind deferring to a strong leader, but most of the time leaders seem reluctant, and then I just have to take over. I’m introverted but bossy. I’m not even quiet. Just need some alone time everyday.

    Anyway, I LOVE the new masthead. It’s so cool, I should have you make me one!! 😉

  4. I am all smiles!

    We probably would work well together.

    Thanks! I think I might have finally figured out where I want to go with those stupid mastheads! 🙂

    It was super easy. I’d be happy to help!

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