Thanks For The Memories

My friend Tricia (of twins fame) and I met in first grade. We were fast friends, and many, if not all, of my memories from first grade involve her in some form or fashion. One of the most prominent was the birth of somewhere in the neighborhood of 8 kittens. Tricia had two cats, Nicki and Julie, who both became pregnant at the same time. So close in fact, that I believe their kittens were born less than a week apart!

Tricia’s family had a half finished basement, where we kids played and had sleepovers (and tried to do Light as a Feather to no avail…definitely because I didn’t believe hard enough!), and where the cats and their kittens lived in two cardboard boxes with a notch cut out big enough for the mamas to get out, but that kept the kittens in. We would sit with those kittens for ages. Petting them, holding them up in the air, listening to their tiny mews. Watching them stumble around, blindly learning to walk. I can still hear the two of us giggling, and then telling Tricia’s little brother, Justin, to leave us alone.

It is one of my favorite childhood memories, and yesterday, when I opened my e-mail, what did I find? An e-mail from Tricia’s dad of the two of us and a kitten. How precious is this? (By the way, Tricia STILL uses that EXACT expression!! Also note, my toothless grin! I believe I was missing BOTH middle bottom teeth at the same time too.)

Tricia and I With Kitten


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