Ready for a Fight

Sorry I have been MIA and my masthead hasn’t changed! I’m a little behind on life right now…I’m looking for a new job. That’s pretty much all it takes to send your normal projects packing, isn’t it??

I had my first interview yesterday (well, second, but I’m not counting the first…) and it was extremely well. I’m not going to say more, because I am a very good jinxer.

In other news, let’s see…ummm…yeah, that’s sucking up my life pretty well.

Although, I did manage to meet my friends at a bar last night–because my options were sit exhausted on a couch slowly turning to mold from all of the vegetating I would be doing, or sit on a barstool, beer in hand, turning to mold. The barstool sounded comfier…It was also Amateur Fight Night, and according to a flyer one of my friends saw, there was supposed to be midget boxing.

No such luck. I think my guy friends were devastated. What is it with guys and their fascination with little people?


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