Notes on Knocked Up

Saw Knocked Up last night. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Although, I do wish we had been in a Saturday night theater. Maybe a 10pm showing, where people have already had a glass of wine or beer, because I found my laughter was echoing above the cautious giggles of the Thursday Night Crowd. It felt like they really wanted to laugh, but were afraid to. Which in turn, made my loud guffaws sound innappropriate and, well, extremely loud.

But I have to tell you my absolute favorite part. The part that I can only guess was created around the joke, instead of the joke being created around the scene. **SPOILER ALERT!** (This is only one scene, and it certainly won’t ruin the movie, but it is damn funny, and I feel I should warn…)

Ben’s (Seth Rogan) friends come down with pink eye. Apparently, pink eye is caused by fecal bacteria finding it’s way to your eye. Which is easy to do if you fart with your naked butt on your roommate’s pillow, and then he fart’s with his naked butt on your other roommate’s pillow, and so on.

Ben and Pete (Paul Rudd) go to Vegas and, of course, hit up the strip club. While receiving lap dances, Pete’s dancer pulls his tie between her legs pulls his face toward her behind, and puts her ass in Pete’s face. Literally. I mean, you can’t see his nose! Ben looks over and quipts, “Now THAT’S how you get pink eye!!”

I was ROLLING. I am going to be saying that a lot now.


Go see it. It’s fun. It’s not slapstick, one-liner Talladega Nights comedy. It’s actually a little higher brow. But there are some great lines, and some really funny characters.


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