It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like…Election Season!

Did you watch the Republican debate last night? Probably not. Only 3 million people watched Sunday’s Democrat debate…Although when you consider that only 60% of the country (122 million)* voted in 2004, that means 2.5% of the voting public watched. Which, 18 months before the election, seems pretty good to me.

Well, I watched both debates, and I have to ask you…Does it bother any of you that John McCain has short arms? I mean they are really short. It always distracts me when he talks. He motions with his arms, but they just don’t go very far and then I am reminded of a cat batting at a string. No bend at the elbow, just up, down, up, down**…Very distracting. I know that’s a bad reason to dislike a candidate, but combine that with the fact that he constantly says “My friends…” and I can hardly focus on what he is saying. My mind wanders off to that old Morris the Cat, Nine Lives commercial, and then I have missed his entire point.

Also, I would love to know what you think of Ron Paul. He’s an interesting character isn’t he? He was a Liberitarian years ago, and his views still reflect that. He was like the Anti-Republican Republican last night. I think he might have been the smartest guy on that stage. It’s really a shame he doesn’t have a chance to win, because he’s interesting to listen to.

Speaking of not having a chance…I understand the idea of running for president when you have no chance of winning in the sense that it will stir up the other candidates and bring to light some issues that would otherwise get swept under the rug, but how do you do it? I mean how do you actually go out there and RUN knowing you really have no chance in hell of winning?

*From the United States Election Project

**The lack of motion range is apparently from breaking both of his arms in Vietnam and then not receiving proper medical care when he was a POW at the Hanoi Hilton.

UPDATE: After a comment about my what I said about McCain, I think I should clarify…I think he is an incredible man. The things he has been through, and all the work he has done for our country (regardless of whether I agree with everything he says)…But, his interesting messages are getting lost in some small details. I understand he has limited movement in his arms from what happened to him in Vietnam, and I respect what he went through, but it doesn’t change the fact that it can be distracting when he talks with his hands. And combined with his “my friends” comments, I get distracted and loose track of the point he is trying to make. It’s a comment on stage presence and speaking ability, not physical impairment.


3 responses to “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like…Election Season!

  1. John McCain moves his arms like that because they were both broken, his right in 3 places, and untreated when he was a prisoner of war in Vietnam. Other prisoners had to feed him because he was unable to use his arms.

    Despite having both arms broken, a broken leg near the knee, he was still subjected to daily beatings while a POW. This inspired his fellow POWs to hang in there and not to break, even after 7 years of captivity.

    Be careful of assumptions…

  2. I noted that at the bottom. I am aware of WHY his arms have limited motion, but it doesn’t change the fact that it can be distracting. And regardless of his limited motion, they are still very short. I don’t think that is from them being broken and then being unproperly treated in in the POW camp. I think he just has short arms naturally. My grandmother does too…My point is that he has really interesting things to say, but between the distracting arm movements and saying “My friends” all the time, sometimes I lose his point because I can’t focus on the message.

  3. Chad Williams

    I am very dubious that John McCain’s very short arms are the result of his POW status. Why? Because he would TELL us about it, like he rubs our collective national face in his POW experience every chance he gets. Over and over. We get it, John. You were a POW. But no, I think your arms are just naturally short. Of course, we could ask Cindy McCain about it– y’know, your wife whom you called a trollop and a %^$# in public?

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