The Roomate From Hell

I was just exposed to a great blog! Passive-Aggressive Notes from Roommates, Neighbors, Coworkers and Strangers. (via Mimi SmartyPants) It is just great! It immediately brought up tortured memories of my roommate from Junior year of college. She was a piece of work! If only I had had a blog back in 1999…

One night, I was cooking dinner for myself, and grabbing something out of the fridge when the phone rang. I ran to get it, accidentally leaving the fridge door wide open. The call was important, and I sat in my room talking for a few minutes. My roommate (who I won’t even protect by giving her a sudonym), Sarah, came to my door, leaned against the door frame and glared at me with her arms crossed. I signaled with one finger that I would be just a minute, trying to convey that it was an important call without actually speaking. She gave a great sigh, turned on her heels and walked away.

I finished up my phone call, and headed back to the kitchen to finish cooking. As I walked toward the kitchen, I immediately saw that I had left the refrigerator door open, and felt a twinge of guilt for having done so. But as I got closer, I noticed a note on the dry erase board that was magnetically attached to the freezer portion of the refrigerator. It read:

I was just going to tell you that you left the refrigerator door open and to close it next time.


Now in and of itself, that note is not so bad. A kind reminder that you were an idiot, right? Well, the kicker is, she stood there, wrote that note, and then walked away, all while leaving the refrigerator door open! She just left it open!!

A.) Why didn’t she just shut it when she saw it was open? It was obviously an accident.

B.) Why did she feel the need to walk all the way to my room to tell me I had left it open without having closed it on her way, first?

C.) How could she stand in front of the open door, write a note, and still not close it??

I guess she figured she would teach my sorry-sorry-excuse-for-a-roommate butt a lesson by intentionally leaving the door open.

Well, guess what? I have accidentally left the refrigerator door open a few times in the last 7 years. Her plan failed miserably!

There are a million stories like that. She was truly loony. I am going to try to find a hand written note that had something like 5 bullet points about how terrible of a person I was. She slipped it under my door one day. I kept it to remind myself that I wasn’t the crazy one. I will post it here, and send it into that website if I find it. It was quite a note.


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