My Best Skill? Negotiator-Extraordinaire!

Car shopping is DONE! Want to see what we bought?

After the jump!

But here’s the catch…We leased TWO 4 Runners!! Oh yeah baby! I heard two ads for the same dealership in one week, and we had gone in last Saturday about the first ad (which they mysteriously couldn’t find at first, until I suggested something about False Advertising!). Then Wednesday, I heard an ad for another sale. Since we had gone in Saturday about the first sale, and that car was still there, we were still eligible for the sale on it. So now we were eligible for two sale cars. Well, my magic negotiating skillz paid off, and I negotiated my way to a lease on BOTH cars for a total of $650 a month! For a $32,000 car and a $29,000 car! Go me!! That lease puts the lease I got for my mother three years ago for a 350Z (at $389 a month) to SHAME!


So now my parents have matching 4Runners. My mom’s is a black V8 with a snazzy spoiler (like in the pic above) and a several upgrades inside, and my dad’s is a silver V6 which is pretty close to a base model. Which works out perfectly, because my dad couldn’t care less about creature comforts as long as the car runs, and rides smoothly.

This is a very exciting day in our family. It is the first time in 15 years that my father has had a new car! He always got the hand-me-down. And it is the first time in probably 30 years that they have had two new cars at the same time!

Here’s to finding the machete of life and cutting through the jungle that will always try to hold you back.

Update: Apparently, it has been 27 years…not 15!! See the May 28th post…

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