Life is Like A Car Salesman. If They Jerk You Around Long Enough, Suddenly, You Become Impervious

So, the crap that is going on in my life. While I can’t really talk about all of it, let me give you this bit of information:

Have you ever heard of the Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory? I learned about it back in college. Well, it’s an inventory of major stressors. Each stressor receives a point value. You add up the points, and it tells you how likely you are to have a breakdown in the near future. Here is a link to a version of it. It leaves off a couple of the specific things that are going on in my life, so I had to adjust for that a little but even with that, I scored a 197. Their diagnosis is:

From 150-199: Mid Life Crisis. 33% chance of illness such as: headache, diabetes, fatigue, hypertension, chest and back pain, ulcers, infectious diseases, etc.

That puts me just 3 points away from a “Moderate Life Crisis” which increases my chances of the above illnesses to 50%. Ahh…good thing I missed by three points, then, huh!?

One of the stressors? Buying TWO cars for my parents! Oh yes. TWO! They have a 12 year old Town Car that is on it’s last RPM and a 350Z which, while it is running perfectly, has a lease that is up. I have been bugging them for a year to replace the Town Car, knowing that this exact thing would happen and we would have to get two cars at once, but did they listen??

So, being the negotiator in the family, I have spent 30, yes, I said 30…we counted yesterday) hours on finding them cars since Saturday.  These are the days I am glad I work with them because this sort of thing becomes “work-related”.

My father, who seems to live life with the 1990 US Dollar, informed us that we had to buy 2 cars for $500 a month total. That has put quite a wrench in the buying process, as you might imagine…Given that a even Hyundais are around $20,000 these days. We finally got him to $620 a month, which has us now in the market to lease two cars, instead of our original intent of buying one and leasing one.

I have a story for you about one of the local Toyota dealers, but the story has not come to fruition yet, so I am going to wait. But let me just tell you this, if my parents didn’t have me there fighting for every penny in the negotiations, I am pretty sure they would have decided all they could afford was a Kia. Those salespeople are such asses.


One response to “Life is Like A Car Salesman. If They Jerk You Around Long Enough, Suddenly, You Become Impervious

  1. Okay, I just went to that site and have to wonder, what is “martial seperation”? 🙂

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