I have two medicines I have been taking on occasion at bedtime lately. One is a prescription decongestant (because I get stupid congested in the middle of the night, and I can’t figure out why) and the other is a muscle relaxer which is left over from when I hurt my back roller skating last year. And well, I can’t let those muscle relaxers just go to waste! And they are about to expire!! So when I play volleyball or workout or am otherwise all muscle-y tight, I take one before sleeping.

Here’s the best part, though. Both drugs give me crazy dreams. I love it! I think I would almost take them just for dreams! They are super-vivid, bizarre, and often very telling about my life. Did I tell you about the Christmas tree dream?? A couple of weeks ago, when I was trying get over dating a short guy again, I had a great dream. I was shopping for Christmas trees. I was looking for a tall beautiful tree, but all I could find were short ones. Finally though, I stumbled on a short beautiful tree, and immediately, I knew it just right. Short or tall, it was perfect. Hmm…No symbolism there, huh??

Or, how about the one I had Saturday night (decongestant induced…didn’t even have any alcohol in me…). I dreamt I was on the TV show Lost. Suddenly, Locke told everyone (I was Kate, of course!!) that he knew a place we could stay that would be safe and warm as it was beginning to turn to winter. So we go there, only to find that there is a beautiful house on the island. With people living in it. People who love cats. Locke tells us, that we have to become kittens to stay there, but that we will have a wonderful life there. So we do. We all morph into cute little kittens. I am a black kitten. Life is good, we romp and play, and sleep on the heated, enclosed porch.

One day, for some reason, we kittens get to go to the supermarket (yes, on the Lost island). As we leave, the woman who lives in the house drops the carton of eggs she has bought. It hits the ground opens up and the Charlie kitten notices that it’s not eggs in the carton, but ‘shrooms!! He mixes them (somehow they turned to powder) into a soda, and says we should drink some. We do and then we go about walking home. The whole time, I am waiting to see the effect of the magic mushrooms.

Then, BRRRINGGG! My cell phone goes off. I was woken by a friend’s text. I am SO curious what my brain would have created completely sober to suggest I was a high kitten! I have never done ‘shrooms either, so it wouldn’t even have an experience to fall back on.

So now the question is what makes a dream mean something? I mean, I obviously got the Lost references from TV and the ‘shrooms were from an episode of House. So do you take those things out of the equation? Or do they still have meaning? And if they have meaning, what the heck is it!?


4 responses to “REMiniscing

  1. First, I want to have your dreams!! Except I’ll keep the one I had last week about Sawyer. (blush) But, I would love to dream about being a kitten!

    I think dreams only mean what we think they mean – like your Christmas tree dream – how perfect! I believe that our brains just mash up events of the day (or week) and it all comes out in strange dreams. Sort of like the brain is filing things really fast and they all sort of mush or blur together.

    Whenever I have a dream and I want to know what it means, I go with the first thing that comes to mind. I love this topic, by the way. And Lost! I’m slightly obsessed right now. Hence the Sawyer dream. 😉

  2. p.s. my blog is broken. It will be back up soon, I hope.

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