Another Crazy Weekend!

Because I haven’t had enough fun stuff to do lately, this past weekend, I saw Spidey 3, went to the Gwen Stefani/Akon concert, had a photoshoot at the Dallas Arboretum and played 4 hours of volleyball!

Good thing the landscaping company that does my front yard is willing to mow my back yard for a few shots of moolah, because I certainly had no time!

It was a great weekend. Spiderman 3 was good. I just wish there was less slow talking. It seems all of the conversations take place in slow motion in Spiderman movies. I am there for the action, not the riveting dialog! I also wish I didn’t read Perez Hilton so much because he is always bashing Kirsten Dunst and the whole movie I kept noticing her fangs and thinking how she doesn’t actually look dirty (which she always does in the ‘razzi pics).

The Gwen Stefani concert was awesome! My friend Dana and I even snuck into some seats (from the lawn) just as Gwen came on stage and watched all but the encore from those seats! That was awesome! And for once, it was me who wanted to do the naughty thing and sneak into seats, and Dana who was a reticent! We got some awesome pictures I think, but they are on her camera, so when she sends them out, I will post some.

Can I just tell you though? That was a bizarre audience! It predominently consisted of 5 distinct groups. Lesbians (there were a LOT of lesbians there), gay guys, sort of hard-looking Akon fans (or at least I assume they were there to see the Konvict), preppy, straight girls like us, and the group that disturbed me the most, 10 year olds with make-up, mini-skirts and high heels on! Creepy! I think I have a picture of that coming, too.

Sunday, we beat out the rain and played 4 hours of volleyball. Then I came home and crashed, while watching the finale of The Amazing Race. And DAMN it! The Beauty Queens didn’t win!! I really wanted them to win. They really played a good game.

Stay tuned for more pictures and a new masthead (just a little late on that one…)!


One response to “Another Crazy Weekend!

  1. Sigh. Eric & Danielle. Sigh.

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