Hot Buttons Are All The Rage

In other recent hot button issues, I recently commented on Trix’s blog about the Don Imus story. Her post was very valid and interesting. I just expanded on it. If you’d like, you can read her post.

Here is what I had to say on the subject:

My feelings fall into two categories on this issue. First of all, the idea that Imus was FIRED is really pretty wrong even though that’s what everyone is calling it. What really happened wasn’t that MSNBC and CBS fired him on moral grounds, because what he said was WRONG, what happened was their advertisers, who didn’t want to be associated with that comment and alienate millions of customers (also not a MORAL choice), pulled their advertising. Without advertising, the show can’t support itself. So really, what happened was the show got pulled for lack of funding. That is not a moral stance, that is a financial decision. And I wish that point was being noted a little bit more in the media.

Secondly, it is incredibly hypocritical of the African American community to be so upset about this comment, yet still accept, condone, and produce rap music and hip hop that uses the same, and FAR WORSE language than what Imus used. If you want people to stop using that language, you have to lead by example. Just because my family is Jewish, it doesn’t mean I’m going to walk around calling myself and my friends k*kes. It doesn’t make it ok for me to do that, just because it’s about my own people. Do unto others…

What Imus said, even in jest, was wrong, but there are still things being left out in the media about this topic that are far more important that the fact that he said three disgusting words.

My two cents.


3 responses to “Hot Buttons Are All The Rage

  1. Ty, you are absolutely correct on both counts. We should be accurately talking about his show being CANCELED. Lots of shows get canceled for lots of reasons, not just this one. Why it was even news, is kind of beyond me.

    Also, the group of people protesting should be devoting their energy to changing things that are actually listened to by the African American community. Was the team actually listening to Imus? Doubtful!

    Once again, the so-called “news” media has distorted something for ratings. Huge surprise!

  2. I totally agree — “So really, what happened was the show got pulled for lack of funding.”

    That’s what it boils down to. Imus exercised his free speech, and the people who (essentially) pay for him to be able to broadcast this speech decided not to any more. It’s really not an issue of morals at all.

    I can personally think he’s a jackass for thinking and saying such things, but I can also choose not to listen to his (now-defunct) program, or choose not to support those advertisers. I don’t listen to Howard Stern or Rush Limbaugh, either; I don’t think they’re morally wrong, just idiots.

    I also liked the last graf of Trix’s post: “By the way, did anyone happen to notice there is still a war going on? That the Iraq Parliament building was bombed from the inside and 8 people were killed yesterday? OK Just checking.”

  3. Agree and agree!

    Trix, totally agree about changing the programming listened to by the African American community. And to expound on that, by changing the media that targets the African American demographic, you will take away the idea of “well if THEY can say it, why can’t I?” amongst the rest of the population.


    I agree on the idiots comment!!

    Also on about the last part of Trix’s post. I heard all of about 30 seconds of news in the last three days about the bombing in Iraq. WTF??

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