The Muzac of Camping

Man, I have not run across one thing funny to tell you all in ages. I have been racking my brains for some funny anecdote to pass on, but I got nothin’. My life is busy as all get out right now, but none of it is funny.

I did buy something cool this weekend though. I can’t find a picture of it anywhere, but it’s a flat speaker that is intended for camping. It has a little easel on the back to prop it up. It is about 7×12″ and about 1 inch thick without the easel kicked out. AND it’s weather resistant! AND it connects directly to your iPod! (note to self: iPod is NOT weather resistant…)

I am going camping this weekend, and I am stoked to get to try it out! It’s so compact! If I find a picture of it, I will post it. It’s just perfect for camping!


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