Onward and Upward

And…I am single again…

The neurologist is gone. I am slightly relieved. I was still having trouble getting over being taller than him in heels. I think everything else will have to be perfect about a guy for me to get over that. It just feels weird. My friends are just too dang tall.

He ended it with a text message. Very classy. He tried to make up for that the next day, but I had none of it. Sorry, text messages are for tiny bits of unimportant information. Or even mildly important information. They are not for asking me out (you will receive a return message of “Call me and ask that, please”) or for breaking up (you will lose all future attempts to be with me).

I am not upset about it. It was just a month. But jeez, a text?? And then when we did talk so that I could tell him how rude that was (he had called me to see if I was “ok”…as though I was heartbroken or something…get over yourself, buddy!) he tried to drag the conversation out like it had been a serious relationship. Um, if you thought the relationship was that important, that it required real deliberation to discuss the ending of it, then why did you use the callous method of texting to break it off?

I have been trying to figure out what happened. What REALLY ended it, and I think quite honestly, he was intimidated by a girl who could keep up with him. He always seemed more interested in the domestic things I was doing. Gardening, cooking…good wifely things…than in my career. He even said I would “make a good doctor’s wife.” Which at first, I took as a compliment, but now I think it was just condescending. He wasn’t looking for an equal, he was looking for a wife. He walked into my house for the first time and said, “Wow, this is a REAL person’s house.” Uh, yeah. What did you expect? A rat hole?

I think, in the end he was just looking for a little Wifey.

His loss, because he’s right, I would make a good doctor’s wife…and photographer, and writer, and business owner…


One response to “Onward and Upward

  1. Hi Tye,

    Stopped by, I haven’t seen your blog in a while. I like the new format. Is your smell gone yet? Not the guy, the dead thing in your wall. Sorry you’re having guy problems again – glad I’m contributing “post-brake-up” this time. I’ve been told that if you look, you’ll not find; but if you just live, he/she will find you.


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