The Royal Treatment

Two years ago, I went to San Francisco with Jeff. We had a wonderful time spending the $2400 his company gave him as an award for a job well done. We had to spend it in 4 days or they would keep whatever was left over. A challenge to spend money?? Show me the way! I can spend down to the last dime!

While we were there, someone suggested we check out the Ritz-Carlton’s Sunday brunch. At $75 a person, it was an expense neither of us could imagine for scrambled eggs, but it was our last stop before the airport and we had the money left. So we bit the bullet, and I was so pleasantly suprised. It was extravagant, and elegant, and delicious. I have been dying to experience it again.

Dallas is finally getting a Ritz, and I cannot tell you how excited I am! I drove past it last night and it is being built in a stately, old world manner. It isn’t even finished and it looks like it could have been built at the turn of the century. I don’t think it will be done in time for Mother’s Day, but I think that is what I will be getting my mother anyway. A promise to go to brunch at the Ritz as soon as it is open.

Here is a description of the Sunday Brunch,

Sunday Jazz Brunch, featuring an extensive buffet including a caviar station, made-to-order eggs and omelets, sushi bar, smoked salmon, shrimp, oysters, beef carpaccio, domestic and imported cheeses, fresh fruits and cold salads, accompanied by live jazz performances

And that doesn’t even begin to tell you how great it was. They left off the multiple types of smoked fish (not just salmon), the mimosas, a second hot foods section next the eggs and omelets, and a desert table that would make your sweet tooth swoon.

I will be dreaming of that brunch for the next few months…


One response to “The Royal Treatment

  1. By far, the best brunch I’ve ever had was at the Royal Hawaiian…we went there on our first anniversary. We ate, and ate, and ate…then drank champagne…then ate some more.

    Now I’m hungry, too.

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