Zero to Classy in 60 Seconds

So apparently, I want to go to the Kimbell. Last night I was talking to The Neurologist and he told me he had sent me a link to the currently touring “Drama and Desire” exhibition of Japanese art at the Kimbell. He wants to see it, and asked if I would like to go. Because all Longhorn Neurologists naturally like art! I said I would love to, so we are going to spend Saturday over in Ft. Worth soaking in some culture (after I spend Friday night playing Broomball with my drunken friends…I can go from zero to class in 60 seconds…oh yeah, baby!). First of all, I am thrilled he is interested in things like that. It’s obviously something that is sort of hard to find in a man, but here’s the fun part. I had a dream about going last night! I love that! I am excited enough to go, that my subconscious didn’t want to stop thinking about it when my head hit the pillow!

Here’s to men with culture!


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