What Up and Died?

Did I mention I have a dead animal in my home? Well, actually, in my wall? In my guest room. The smell has been slowly creeping up on me. As it has gotten warmer, the smell has gotten worse. At first, I thought it was just the fact that I had moved all of my books into the guest room, moving them from an open space, to an enclosed one. You know, book smell…but then it got stronger. And then last weekend, I turned the fan on in the room and left the doors open while I was in Austin. I came back and my house smelled terrible. I opened windows and turned all the fans on, and the smell dissipated. Monday though, I contacted my janitorial supply company that we use for work, and got a deodorizing bomb. Deodorizing bombs are used by the police when someone dies in a home in the summertime and the body isn’t found for a few days. They set off a bomb so they can work in the house. It smells like sickly cherries. It’s better than the dead smell, but not much.

At this point, my choices are to ride it out and just keep spraying the deodorizing bomb, or to hire someone to find the smell. In “finding” the smell, a professional will probably do some serious damage to my walls and my wallet. I called the city to see if they had any information, and the nice woman I spoke to said that if it has already been three weeks, then if I can stand it, I should wait it out. That it will be dried out soon. So I guess I will be giving it a few more days. It’s a good thing that I won’t be home much this weekend!

Oh the trials and tribulations of home ownership…


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