The Arthur Adventure

I have written about my friend Tricia a few times before. I met her in first grade, and moved after that school year, but we have remained friends all these years. Now, 21 years after we met, she is pregnant for the first time, with twins!

The story is bitter sweet though, because one of her babies, Duncan, has a heart condition that will require several surgeries before he is even 2 years old. The good news though is that those surgeries will make him a normal little boy. Amidst the tumultuous pregnancy, Tricia’s family is also dealing with her mother’s recovery from cancer. It has been one heck of year for them.

At my urging, Tricia and her husband Scott have started a blog so that friends and family can keep up with everyone’s progress. A few posts in, they seem to be enjoying this new forum for their thoughts, and I thought you all might enjoy their words.

Tricia’s strength has always given me hope and confidence, and I thought perhaps it was time for her to reap some of the love and support the blogosphere can give. So go check out her blog and welcome her to the neighborhood!

 The Arthur Adventure


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