Austin Trip # 8,257

What a crazy weekend!

I will skim over the actual reason for the weekend, because we all know what happens at bachelorette parties…Naughty opening act (stripper (who in this case happened to have danced for Jessica Simpson…), “Toy” Party, lingerie party, etc.), bride gets completely wasted, bride is done and in bed by 12:30.

In addition to those wonderful things,  we also:

Shopped on The Drag (A stretch of road next to campus that has shops and restaurants for the college set (which I haven’t done except to go the Co-op in years))

Got pedicures which included having a hawaiian flower drawn on my big toe, because apparently, the dancing I did at the Ghostbar a few weeks ago actually bruised my toe and left a lovely black spot under my nail that showed through the nail polish.

And most distinctly, wound up having a yelling fight between two of my friends at 4 in the morning in the hotel room. Which I deftly managed to stay out of by putting the aforementioned ear plugs in my ears and facing the other direction so that my big mouth didn’t decide to get me in the middle of things.

That particular event was not so much fun. I didn’t get to sleep until 7:30 am (with the time change). And at the same time some less than savory things came out about a friend of mine, and it has me worried about her. Actually it has me worried about what might have happened to her in the past. Her behavior is starting to look suspiciously like someone who is acting out over past abuses.

With the exception of Sunday morning, the weekend was as most Austin trips are:  Fun, relaxing and exactly what I needed.


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