Bam Bam, Babies, and Clans

I had an adventure-packed weekend! So packed, in fact, that I was asleep at 8:30 last night! I fell asleep watching TV and decided it wasn’t even worth it to rewind the TIVO. I just went straight to bed. Of course, that also meant that at midnight, I was wide awake, but even with my approximately 2 hours of tossing and turning, I still feel pretty rested.

To summarize the weekend:


My friend Eric had a party. A HUGE party. He rented out a soundstage, hired two bands, a DJ (who mixed and everything) and Bam Bam, one of the Mavericks ManiAAcs (a group of men who do goofy dances at the Mavs games), who happens to be a little person. Bam Bam was hired for the appearance to officiate the bizarre boxer style drinking competition Eric and his friend (who was also having a birthday), Michael, participated in. They had to drink 5 cups of beer with boxing gloves on. The fastest to finish won. Meanwhile, each guy had a “posse” to back him up, and as part of the posse we cheered and pretended to fight with the other side. It was a VERY strange evening.


The son of my friends Lindsay and Gavin turned one, and to mark the occasion they had a party, complete with bounce house, and margarita machine. It was a nice party, and wow! Did Travis walk (or crawl as the case may be) away with quite a haul!

After the party, I went to see Zodiac with my friend Larry. It’s a good movie, but if you aren’t down for 3 hours films, you might want to skip it. Or at least be sure to have an empty bladder before you go!


A few friends and I went to the Irish Festival in Fair Park which really meant an excuse to drink beer in the middle of the day. I did learn something interesting though, my great grandmother had the surname, Brown. She was Scottish. Scottish is considered Celtic, which meant my family was once part of a Clan. It turns out the Browns were actually part of two Clans. The Donald Clan and the Lamont Clan. Apparently, my people were into that whole InterClan Marriage thing! ;o)

It was a busy weekend, but it has been a while since I have had a weekend like that. It’s nice now and then!


One response to “Bam Bam, Babies, and Clans

  1. I love weekends like that! Glad you had fun.

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