The Ectoplasma Saloon…errr…Ghostbar.

Well I didn’t have the time I thought I did yesterday, so I will give you the condensed version of my weekend.

Friday, we went Cuba Libre, a cuban restaurant and bar for my friend Sarah’s going away party (because she totally sucks and is moving to El Paso to do something called “working!” Ha! Sucker!) That was was a rather uneventful night. Fun and pleasant but uneventful.

Saturday however, was a completely different story. Saturday evening I went to a wedding shower for a friend. It was held at her aunt’s home in Lakewood. Lakewood is a gorgeous part of Dallas. Large stately homes that look much more suited to the Northeast than the Southern Plains.

It is also just a hop, skip, and a jump from downtown…Where the Ghostbar is.

The Ghostbar is one of the hottest bars in Dallas. It is situated precariously on the 33rd floor of the W Hotel with large balconeys hanging over the side of the building, and girls walking around in white micromini skirts and white knee high, platform boots serving you $10 drinks. Everything is subtlely lit with soft lights and each banquette has a lovely reserved sign on it. For Bottle Service. Because after you pay (if you are a guy…girls are free!) $60 to get in, you have to pony up another $300 to buy a bottle of Absolut or Captain Morgan’s so that you can have the priviledge of sitting down. Top shelf liquors were somewhere on the order of $450. For one liter!

We however, the geniuses that we are, went very early. 8pm. Just because we had nothing better to do. Turns out, that is a really good plan. By the time we left at 11, there was a line of about 100 people waiting to get in. There were two cars of us headed over there. The first carload (which I was in) was all girls. We valeted the car and walked inside. We were immediately shown to an elevator by a very attractive man. 33 floors later, we were in the Ghostbar. We ordered drinks, wandered around a bit and then wanted to sit down. That was when we noticed the reserved signs. We asked what we should do, and were told we were welcome to sit at a banquette until they politely asked us to move for the party who had reserved the table. That sounded like a plan to us! Free banquette and it looked like we would have it until 11 when the scheduled party was set to arrive!

Then the second carload arrived. They had been 2 girls and 4 guys. They were asked to pay $60 a guy to get in. One of the guys was having none of it however, and negotiated with the bouncer!! He convinced him it was too early to pay full price. The bouncer conceded and they agreed upon $100 for all four guys. $25 is still a pretty hefty cover, but given the $60 alternative, I was mightily impressed.

So we chatted and wandered around and drank, same as we always do in bars. That is until the funky friend of the bride’s mother (who had joined us) decided to start making friends. She is a verbose, energetic lawyer in her fifties, and she almost immediately found two attractive men to talk to. A couple of us wandered over to see who she had found and discovered they were professional ballroom dancers and teachers at Arthur Murray.

I am sorry for this generalization, but we all sort of assumed they were gay. So we proceded to harmlessly flirt with them, and eventually, I found my self ballroom dancing to Hip Hop. I felt like I was on Dancing with the Stars!…It was awesome! He had me spinning all over the floor, his hand pressed tightly to my back guiding my every step. Just how you are supposed to be led when dancing, but almost never are. I thanked him for the dance, and apologized for being a terrible dancer, and he said I was actually quite good at following. Well, that was just the ego boost I needed. We danced on and off for the next hour. At one point, he was moving his hips in a wave, like the scene in Dirty Dancing, after she carries the watermelon. And I couldn’t do it. Because I have stationary hips or something. I told him I sucked at that and he said, “It’s just like Dirty Dancing.” To which I quipted, “And I am Jennifer Grey!”

It was a wonderful time, and at the end of the evening, he got my number. Which I really thought nothing of, but later I learned his friend had hit on a friend of mine who is married! So now we are questioning whether or not they were gay. Either way, they were a lot of fun, and if I get the chance to dance with them again, you can be certain I will.

After the Ghostbar, we headed to Addison and hit up our hangout, The BlackFinn. It was packed! You could barely move! We cleared a small space to stand in, and drank the rest of the night away dancing and singing along with the music.

It was a great night. One of the best I have had in ages. And you know, I think the reason it was so great, besides all the fantastic things we did, was that no one caused drama. It was just a bunch of fun people going out, having some drinks, and a good time.

It was what fun is supposed to be.

Here is a shot of the ballroom dancer I danced with, Connor. Dancing with him is the bride’s mother’s friend, S. Note the snazzy lighting behind them at the bar.


2 responses to “The Ectoplasma Saloon…errr…Ghostbar.

  1. See, that’s why I NEVER go out to places like Ghost Bar or that ilk… there is ALWAYS drama.

    So, when you can get a fun night out in one of those places without drama, then it is totally, totally worth it.

    Oh, and I’m not paying 60 bucks just to get into a place where I’m not going to see any naked dancing women. Honestly, probably not even then.

  2. Ahaha…the husband had a chance to go to there with one of his sales directors…and he passed.

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